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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 17, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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firefighters rush to the scene of a beautiful home in northwest d.c., with smoke pouring out of it. more on the early morning call for help and what we learned about injuries in the last hour. hard work for a good cause. the army of volunteers after arlington national cemetery this morning and their gold. and we're heating up quickly to start offer the week. we're already in the mid 80 u.s. through much of the area. feels even hotter with the humidity, and even more heat later this week. >> announcer: news 4 midday starts now. hi, everybody.
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goff. >> and i'm chris lawrence. sheena sort of alluded to it. it's only going to heat up from here. >> and sheena parveen talking about the chance for storms. 85 is the current temperature. with the humidity thanks to that south wind, it actually feels like 93 outside. at this hour it already feels about ten degrees warmer. look at the rest of the area. so by 4:00 william is where we should be bosh we'll still be warm at 7:00, but we'll be getting hotter as we go through this week.
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that's not even going to come with rain relief. a look ahead after your week is coming up. you may have smelled smoke if you came down 16th street. this is why. a house in mount pleasant caught fire. firefighters says it spread from the barometric through the walls of the house. one firefighters was taken to the hospital. that person wasn't seriously hurt. firefighters did not say exactly how it started. then another fire caused this damage in clarks burg, maryland this morning the fire start started. >> and no one in who lives what was hurt -- >> right now another democrat is throwing his hat in the ring. he's the first openly gale lawmaker at the elected
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sena senate. today we could get a better idea if jeb stewart high school will get a new name. it will hold its -- hg this day has been in honor of the confederate general and the controversy has raging for nearly two years. there's a financial consideration here as well, because the district estimates changing the name would cost nearly a million dollars. as soon as today. accused in a nude photo scandal could appear in court. juan mccull limb has yesterday, according to a grand jury indictment, he's accused of taking nude photos off his boss's phone and then posting them. that boss was congress mom from the --f
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back in washington today, and they are faced with another setback in their effort to repeal the affordable care act. >> then put that on hold while senator john mccain recovers from surgery. chris palome has the latest. >> reporter: prompt back in washington. mitch mcconnell postponing a vote on the latest bill after if arizona senator john mccain had unscheduled surgery over the weekend. republicans need every vote they can get, so mcconnell will wait until he returns to washington. >> yes, i believe as soon as we have a full contingent of senators that we'll have that vote. it's important we do so. >> reporter: so far two republicans say they don't support the senate's current version. three "no" votes would po kill it. >> it could lead to insurance plans that
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insurance at all it would calls premiums to --. rand paul says the bill doesn't go far enough. we're going to keep most of the taxes, keep the regs, and create a giant bailout superfund for the insurance company, the senate health care big stops the obama care disaster. >> doctors, nurses, health advocates, parents, i don't know any group that thinking this is a good idea. >> president trump touted the latest plan in his weekly address, but so far hasn't commented on the latest delay. chris palome, nbc, washington. president trump is launching another theme way, called made in america. this afternoon president trump will lost a showcase of products made in the u.s., virginia will
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capitol flag company based in alexandria, and heat's crab pots will represent the state of maryland. there's a special event at arlington national cemetery. volunteers and veterans are working the grounds. amy cho got there this morning for a day of renewal and remembrance. what's happening there? >> reporter: cry, good morning, they're planting flower, taking care of the trees, all part of an effort to give back to those who have served our country. volunteers pouring in hours of effort at arlington national cemetery. they work, so those buried here can have a more beautiful place to rest. >> look for the rows where you go, huh the tractor can't get there. many of them came from all over the country. >> who is volunteers to push that spreader. >> like ken taylor
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which is what you do professionally and get paid to do, why not take those skills and take that work effort and give back? >> they provide the freedoms we here enjoy. it's our duty and responsible and honor to honor them in our service. >> reporter: for some they were honoring those they have lost. >> i have friends of the family buried here, so it's an honor to be here and help beautify this location. >> we're excited to give back to wonderful hallowed ground. >> reporter: a ground that's looking better than ever thanks to these volunteers driven to make a difference. . this has been going on ever summer for 21 years now. we're live at arlington, aimee cho, news4. what you say and how you say it could be early signs of alzheimer's.
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study. and the latest of developing news in arizona, flash flooding to blame for nine deaths, at least one person is still missing, how the group out swimming was caught off-guard so quickly. plus new information on the giant sinkhole we first saw you friday.
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an entire community honored the lives of four men murdered in pennsylvania. ♪ hallelujah ♪ hallelujah a former contestant from "the voice" sang in honor of the victims. they were killed and found burden yesterday on a large family farm in bucs county, pennsylvania. hundreds gathered for the vigil last night. the son of the farm's owners and cousin has been charged in those killing. they are expected to appear in court on july 31st. new this morning d.c. police are investigating two crime scenes. one man short, the other stooped. overall crime numbers are down in the district, but this comes at a time when the police are trying to prevent a summer spike. the shooting happened at 9:00 and d. police s
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and breathing when paramedics rushed him to the hospital. about an hour or two later, a man was stabbed on good hope road, not far from coach many elementary school. there's no indication that the incidents are related. right now homeowners living in riverdale heighting are on edge after a man ended up dead in the middle of the street. they're still working to identify him. take a look at this map. a homeowner discovered the body around 4:00 in the morning on sunday on 60th. if you're familiar with this area, this is just off riverdale road. neighbors says it's scary waking learning that someone -- >> we've never had anything like this in our neighborhood. it's a big surprise to us. >> it seems like it doesn't need to be, you know, around here, because we have kids. limited details right now.
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his body. it's still not clear at this opponent in the victim was killed in the area of 60th or if the body was brought there. this is the first murder in the county since the police chief announced officers would be working longer shifts to crack down on the crime. the crackdown was announced after a dozen men were killed in the first 11 days of july in the county alone. we have a map now of each murder location in our nbc washington app. boy, this is a story angie and i have been looking at over and over. some neighbors in florida still trying to recovery at a sinkhope swallowed two homes. nbc's kerry sanders has more on this very delicate situation. >> reporter: this morning the terrifying sinkhole that swallowed two homes near tampa. >> it's literally eating the house
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>> reporter: officials say it handle got bigger, residents now breathing a sigh of relief, but still nervous. >> in our minds and our hearts, you know, that is not 100% guaranteed. >> reporter: this morning two homes are gone, destroyed, five others remain tun mandatory evacuation. authorities says thor residence can go back today just to recover some belongings. the sinkhole is, 225 feet in diameter. you could almost fit a 757 jumbo -- this is know as sinkhole alley. official say it could take months. emotional damage much longer. >> picture yourself leaving for work in the morning and you come back and there's nothing left. >> reporter: take a look at this drone shot. it's somewhat deceptive. that's because it's filled with wear with debris floating on the top. kerry
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olakes, florida. emergency management officials are now starting to collect water sampling to test for e. coli later this morning. a conservative comment tear other ann coulter went after delta, now the airline is firing back. >> this all started after she tweeted that the airlines switched her seat assignment. she posted a series, a flairry of angry seats, deltaing the customers and employees by responding and say, your insults about our other customers and employ years are unacceptable and unnecessary. the airline said tell refund the extra $30 she paid for mer prebooked seat. she responded if you thought this was about the $30 why didn't you give this woman $30 and stay in my prebooked assigned seat. i don't think that's going to be the end of that. >
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way we talk may give other a clue about mental decline. researchers at the university of wish wish in madison recorded people two users apart. they found those who had mild cognitive impairment had trouble with verbal skills. if confirmed, the speech analysis could help screen people for early signs of memory loss issues. this should probably come as no surprise mark zuckerberg's net worth is soaring. >> leaving us speechless. a look at how the executive is sharing his wealth. kirk cousins and the redskins face a major deadline in just about four or five
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sarah auer the pool where she spent so much time has been renamed in her honor. she was a switch coach and on her way to the pool when she died. family and friends say her influence will never be forgotten. >> we built or spirits, she motivated us to be stronger and better than we are. >> she would be overwhelmed and probably%ed like why are you making this fuss about me? >> since
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young swimmer have received scholarships in her name. wildfires in canada are forcing people out of their homes. we know that 37 this is in the western part of the provex. dry weather and the landscape are making those fires difficult. crews say they could be dealing with those for months. we're following a developing story in arizona, where crews are still looking for the man missing in a flash flood that shocked his fame and swept some of the those away. miguel almaguer has the latest. >> my god, it's coming right at us. >> reporter: the day turn deadly in minutes. an extended family of 14 hit by a sudden wave of water, a river of dangerous debris fueled by
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springs swimming hole. >> the flash flood came through and washed 14 people away from the camp. >> reporter: nearly an inch of rain fell in just over an hour, turning a jenting creek into a raging river carrying a kaye trophic wall of if water, mud and debris. >> they lost ten people. >> she was hiking with friends when the flood hit. >> literally 20 seconds, no warning at all, the water started rushing down. nine hours ranging in age from 2 to 60 were killed, many victims of the parnika family. >> he has to be found. he has to be with them. >> reporter: the family is overwhelmed. >> you can see him there, and he told us h
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danny, but he let him go, and it's not his fault. >> reporter: there is big worry with more monsoons coming in, this creek will one against become a raging issue. the rescue effort will continue later on today. first responders on the air and on the ground searching for the one missing person. >> thank you, miguel. they get into the vicious cycle where you good et the wildfires that burn away all this vegetation, and then when the rains come, it's lookic a river of muss. >> and then spots like that that are considered family friendly, there are these swimming holes, but when the conditions gets bad, it makes it extremely dangerous. it's a problem when the ground is like a rock. there's no absorption at all,
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i was just going to sea, yes, you're right form. any afternoon rain is usually welcome on a hot day. we've seen the warm, sticky morning, we'll have another tomorrow, a stray this morning later on and potential into the evening, or storm chances go down and the temperatures go up, so starting about wednesday through friday, we're not looking at rain relief. currently we're in the mid 80s, we're almost ten degrees hotter, though, keep in mind it would be too hot this afternoon, but if you need a dog to walk. we have clarence here available. this afternoon 91 a high, isolated storms, and it's still warm, temperatures in the mid
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shelters, you can find out more, we're all looking forward to that. a -- make sure you have the sunblock, though, i would say hats stay in the shade, hydrated, too. isolated thunderstorm possible, so keep an eye in the sky, if you have the nbc washington app, you can track the thunderstorms, too, we go through the next few hours, we could see a couple showers trying to flare up here later on this evening, especially to our west, we'll be watching that closely. hot and humid, now we're going through friday into the weekend. we won't be seeing any relief with our temperatures, and like i just mentioned, really the only relief, if you happen to be a shower in your area. 91 degrees for a high, partly cloudy, that evening storm chance, so tomorrow will be almost identical t
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mentioned no rain relief as i go through wednesday, thursday and friday, but staying dry friday, 96 degrees, coming up we'll take a look at we're weekend forecast? >> 97, wow. all right. 11:25. facebook's ceo is a very busy guy. he's expecting a second child and finished a busy week on wall street. >> reporter: for facebook's mark zuckerberg there's a lot to like this morning. at 33 years old, the billionaire just became the sixth richest person on the planet pulling down a net worth of $66.7 billion according to "forbes" latest rankings. >> we have a lot more to do here. >> reporter: the social media titan surging ahead by earning
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for him value soared last week. >> so let's do this. >> after taking facebook public in 2012, zuckerberg spoke with matt. >> there's no way that we're getting started with this i would have ever thought myself or any of the people around me would be able to be a part of something like this. it's incredible. >> reporter: the billionaire is preparing to celebrate the birth of his second daughter, sharinged first photo of himself and pregnant wife over the weekend, on top of an alaskan glacier in what zuckerberg calls one of his favorite shots. after their first daughter max was born in 2015, the couple pledged to donate 99% of their lucrative shares to charity, and in an interview with savannah last year priscilla said their daughter won't be getting her own account. >>'l
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she's old enough. >> no special treatment for the daughter of zuckerberg. >> exactly. she has to follow the rules. a good mom. >> definitely. definitely. well, top finishers from wimbledon are part of the home team. we have a preview of the washington castle's season just ahead. don't be surprised if you find a ticket in your mailbox if onu race but certain sectis of
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you'll want to know where new speed cameras have popped up. >> that's always useful. molette green is showing you where you will want to slow down some prince george's county. speak you have if you have a lead foot. if you're on the beltway, in north print georges county, you need to look alive for the work zone and the new enforcement on speeders. the post the speed limit is 55 miles per hour. if you go 12 miles per hour or more above that, you're going to get a warning in the mail. this is happening today for the next three week, the speed enforcement, and then you're going to get the
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the mail august 7th. that's a $40 ticket if you're call speeding, 12 miles per hour more, and all this was designed for safety. maryland state highway saying when you come in those work zones where there are speed barrels, where there are narrowed lanes, and whether workers in many cases when an accident happens, it's the drivers who get hurt. in many cases the workers are not hurt, but it's a safety issue that we're talking about, you need to be aware when you're in this area near suitland road. that's the latest from along the beltway, back to you. >> 11:3123 you drive or take a bus, you'll have more places to park. design plans have been approved for 1100 space garage in springfield. that garage will sit behind a sun knocka gas stat
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this will not be your average parking garage, though, it would also have a mao community event space that could be used for outdoor movies and for a farmers market. that garage will be open in 2022. a reminder for all this week, they will be working on the red line, so starting at 9:00 tonight, you'll be able to ride the train, but it will be a bit slower. and on the weekend you'll need to hop on ra shuttle bus. you can get more information on the closures in our nbc washington app, just open it up and search "red line." it turned into a frightening struggle as to avoid being drowned, even crushed. a boat operator lost control, sending all ten people overboard. >>
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>> four people were seriously injured with no one behind the wheel, the boat continued around the lake, at one appoint making circles at 30 miles an hour, it didn't stop until it smashed into an officer's boat. >> it was just a matter of step into that boat. >> police arrested the operator and said alcohol was a factor. we have carol maloney standing around in our studio. it looks like kirk cousins will be quarterbacking the redskins on a franchise tag. and that really pales in comparison to what he could earn next season. you have to follow carol on
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up as runner-up at wimbledon this weekend, will play her sixth season for the washington castles. it's just so amazing. the tennis season started yes, sir, and mark joins us with more what the fans can expect. great to see you. i know you're excited when the season. >> always. >> every time i hear this, venus williams is play fog washington, it blows my mind. what does that mean to have that kind of name atashld and part of your team. she got on a plane, and brian brothers, so venus is sam
11:35 am
question querrey, aurchlds sam querrey, the first american man to make it into the semifinals since 2009, that's been a long time, what does it mean to have him back? >> and sam has been part of our team, and he loves this. he actually is taking a couple weeks off, but the only thing he said is i'm not going to miss plays in kastle stadium. i hate to bring it up, but we have to -- last year was the first time in five seasons we didn't walk away with that championship that's got to leave you hungry.
11:36 am
you don't take anything for glandsed, right? >> right. for those people who haven't been to a match tell us more when it. >> we place at the gw smith center. we designed it specially for tennis. there's four match this is week. opening night is tomorrow night, giveaways every night. it's like tennis in a basketball environment. they're playing their hearts out, and for our city, but it's also got music and other stuff around. it's 2 1/2 hours, indoors, the weather is always perfect. the great thing is people come back and back. tickets are almost sold out for a lot of matches. hopefully people come out and cheer on the kastles. >> i love it feels there's an intimacy. you have the best of the best. >> most people when they come
11:37 am
the best players off world. you are on top of the action wait until you see sam's serve that close, or all these players. that's what's so cool. every kid 16 under -- venus is there. sam querrey. it's been a great joy to do this, and i know we'll have an amazing season. always a ploesh, mark, and good luck, kastles. you're going to want to keep an eye on the sky and the app
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emojis have completely changed the way we communicate, and believe it or not, today is world emoji day. amelia got into the spirit. look at that. it's enhancing our ability to fully express ourself. little by llgts text-based communications seem to be replacing it face-to-face. >> lots of -- what's your favorite emoji? >> the one i use most is the snark, the sarcastic -- >> i like with the big eyes popping out. >> i like the one with the little hands. i use it for everly. the heat, the sweat, the --
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>> remember we are talking about the humid immaking it feel hotter? it feels like 93 to pull in the humidity. as we go through the afternoon, the actual term will climb and then a couple isolated thunderstorms. here's the feels-like temperature for everybody, so almost everybody is feels like the '09s 93 gaithersburg, leesburg, clinton feels almost 89 degrees. the outlook is it's hot, right now the roads are dry, otherwise you might want to do it inside. if you're grilling out later, that's when we have a
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here's a look at satellite and radar. the thicker cloud cover is down to the south and east. the rain is offshore, but we'll see a couple showers and storms arhos -- if you're grilling this afternoon, 3:00 p.m., upper 80s, we could already see a stray shower. 91 7:00 p.m. 1:30 this afternoon we could see a couple showers popping up, and we could even have a better chance as you go far west near the higher elevations. for today, though, 91, that will be the high, but it will be hotter with the humidity. tomorrow looking much the same, looking at wednesday, thursday and friday, 94, 90, no rain relief until the weekend. >> that's the only time i miss rain. >> ready for it to cool down a bit. ahead of this week's parole hearing for o.j. simpson, we are hearing from the man at the
11:43 am
>> and this is girls' story a ndlo
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robots. >> competition best gan this morning at dar revolution hall. >> reporter: in the heart of afghanistan, six teenage girls measuring, testing and building a robot. here only 1 in 5 girls makes it past middle school, but 16-year-old radaba wants to set a different example. >> i want to show nothing is impossible. >> reporter: this team is entering the first global challenge, to try to solve world problems, like designing robots to clean contaminated water. >> 158 nations, each with one team, just like the olympics, coming here to address a common problem. >> reporter: after spending months building their robot, all six girls packed into a taxi, making the 500-mile trip to the u.s. embassy in kabul to amr. for their visa. each time
11:47 am
>> why a visa is grabbeded or denied is always kept confidential. >> reporter: afghanistan is not one of the six mostly muslim cunning under the travel ban. >> homeless, because we didn't get the visa, and we could imto kabul for two times. >> reporter: their case sparking international many attention, and a last-minute intervention by the president themselves. >> they were elated. they packed their bags. at an airport, fans waited to greet them at midnight. >> they were powerful, strong and not silent anymore. >> reporter: for rudaba, a dream come true. >> i'm so happy, i could say how much we are happy. >> reporter: happy to make history. nbc news, new york. two hollywood greats are being remembered this morning. martin
11:48 am
weekend. best known for his role in the tv show "mission impossible." and he won an oscar for his rode of ed wood. and george romero passed away. he's best known for his gruesome movie "night of the living dead." he was 77 years old. o.j. simpson is serving time for burglary, but he could be released from prison soon. he's been behind bars in vegas the last nine years. while there's a lot of factors that could impact his parole hearing, fame is not one of them. >> i think for the crime he committed, he paid his due and some think may overdue, and i think he will be paroled. >> that was brian "kato"
11:49 am
a win for o.j.'s murder trial. and pop star aaron carter is facing serious charges. he and his former girlfriend were arrested for dui, and police say he had, he's best known in the brother of backstreet boys nick carter. the death of julius the giraffe. condolences have been -- the jury rad was born hass month at the maryland zoo, and unfortunately he never developed a strong immune system. s.e.a.l. officials say they made the tough decision to humanely euthanize him. this is a -- the new list today, and what it qualifies a company as being what they call the best. >> one of the criteria they use and the steps big
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disney unveiling plans to building an immersive "star wars" resort. saying the hotel would be the most experiential concept every combining a luxiey resort and immersion each guest would wear themed costumes and be part of an individual story line. he also says the story line will touch every single minute of your day and culminate
11:53 am
who visits. elon musk delivers a dire warning. the founder of tesla and spacex telling the governor association ade artificial intelligence is the biggest threat, and telling the group the governors by the time we are reactive with a.i. regulation, it's too late. i'm landon dowdy your cnbc business report. a fairy god-bod released the list of 25 companies, they asked about gender ecity and job satisfaction. this year's winner was boston consulting group. sgloop well, angie and i were talking about this, looking at our phones saying hard to believe we're more than halfway through july, ins
11:54 am
kids are out there enjoying the summer, it's almost time to start thinking of that other "s" word. >> school. you may have noticed that schools are already promoting back-to-school sales. chris clackum has new tools to help you with your shopping. >> reporter: walmart's not only ready in store, but new this year is an online feature where you enter your zip code, find the school your children attend and up pops a list of supplies for their specific great. it's a convenience for back-to-school shopper starting earlier this year andy spending more. >> they started as early as late june and back-to-school season will go all the way through even when their child is in school. >> anna smith with the national retail federation says their retail reports what a deloitte survey found that retailers not read s
11:55 am
a lot of retailers started as early as actually the first week of june stocking up their shelves with back-to-school materials. >> joining the pens, pads and backpacks on the back-to-school shopping list are electronics in a big way. >> we're learning that a lot more schools are getting very tech friendly, therefore asking parents to purchase their kids' tablets or laptops. >> the federation grades overall back-to-school spending to be at least 10% higher than last year, a report card retailers would love. chris clackum, nbc news. the nationals finally got some help in the bull pen. the team traded for two pitchers from the oakland athletics, shawn doolittle is one of these. the wall green's w looks like
11:56 am
logo in her photo now. the other pitcher they acquired was ryan madson who was with the phillies for a very long time. >> it sounds like they're going to be an interesting couple players. doolittle's fiancee tweeted a's fans will misses terribly. i'll bet forever grateful for how you embraced up. >> we like weird. normal is boring. we know that. >> that's right. if you stepped outside, you now how muggy it is out there, and boy, not getting any better. >> we warned everybody all weekend. mound comes around and they are going to pump up the humidity on us, sheena. >> i'm telling you last week we had the extreme heat and humidity. this week it's coming back. the same pattern, currently it already feels like the 90s,
11:57 am
chance of an evening this morning, so keep that in mind. i think we'll see a couple pop-up thunderstorms. wednesday think friday, though, no rain relief and we get hotter. guys? he getsing to the start again. >> tonight is the final qualifying round on nbc's "american ninja warrior." you may recognize this guy, ryan sutter. he was the winner of the first "bachelorette." >> he and trista are still married, they have two kids, she's going to be cheering him on. you can see how he does tonight. there are two local competitors braving the obstacle course, nick astreski, and washington. washington is a former
11:58 am
who now helps gets people in shape.
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♪ stand by, everyone. we're live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. ♪ ♪ a woman's hands are warm >> it's a pretty song. i've never heard it before. >> it's a new one. >> there he is! . ed sheeran making a cameo on last night's huge "game of thrones." of course, it crashed the internet. who knew ed sheeran could sing? we need to have big drums for this today. i mean, everybody was tweeting about it last night. 2.4 million tweets. they say it was the most tweeted episode ever. j. lo even was


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